How can you help me and the INWAY project?

1. Travel and develop!

Go on new travels, learn something new, meet, chat, try, take notes, write blogs, take pictures and shoot cool videos and share everything with others! I hope my project will help you with this! Create an image of a worthy traveler! Open-minded, outgoing, ready to help and participate. To change the world, you need to start with yourself and do not forget that you will take yourself on all your trips, so that you develop, become better and help others in this!

Intangible project support:

2. Tell your friends about the site!

Share with Friends, girlfriends, relatives, and with anyone, even with the president! To do this, you need to approach a person or an animal and say any phrase, for example:

  • Look, I know a guy who has been wandering the planet with a backpack and a tent for a very long time!
  • You know, you can live differently, I know one guy here ...
  • Imagine, there are such stupid people who do not sit on their ass, everything drags them somewhere. Look at these fools ... Obviously they have nothing to do! In general, I do not understand them.

You can also post on any social network or on your website. It is best to do this manually by sending a message to friends or by clicking the “tell friends” button on any page of this site. You can also link to us on your website, we will be very grateful!

3. Subscribe to project news on social networks

4. Write your opinion about the project

Your wishes and suggestions, ideas for the site. I'd love to read reviews and new ideas! Together we will make the project even better!

Material support of the project:

5. Toss money for tickets, visas, overnight stays, equipment, website, food and goodies

(* It is quite possible to write a comment from whom and for what purposes you support the project, it's even more interesting!)


  1. Socialweb Vkontakte
  2. Yandex wallet: 410012955501903
  3. (VISA): 4276 2700 3136 5289 Evgeny Glushaev

4. Send money to Yandex Wallet:

Рублёвые переводы на банковский счёт

    • Recipient: Glushaev Evgeny Alexandrovich
    • Account: 40817840927005412041
    • Bank: Branch No. 8612 of Sberbank of Russia, Kirov
    • INN: 7707083893
    • BIK: 043304609
    • Сorrespondent account: 30101810500000000609
    • Bank branch code: 4286120162
    • Bank address: Kirov, Oktyabrsky prospect, 155

Foreign currency transfers to a bank account

  • Account: 40817840927005412041
  • Swift: SABRRUMMNA1
  • BIK: 043304609
  • Bank branch code: 4286120162

6. Become a sponsor of the project

If you are a gear, communications company or anything else that INWAY can help, we can discuss a mutually beneficial partnership.

What might be interesting:

  • Technique: camera, lenses, GoPro, laptop
  • External hardness from 500 GB, flash drive, battery
  • Equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, clothing, shoes, flashlights, etc.)
  • Communication and the Internet on the go
  • Money for food, visas and development

If you are a media representative, please contact me! Write suggestions and wishes, Themes are very different, about a project about travel, about independent and inexpensive travel around the planet, running, etc.