2013 May. Russia. Trekking in the Southern Urals. First long Hitchiking

Like the hike – this is my first serious hitchhiking. Before that, I use hitchhiking only when I was working in Orlyonk to escape from the camp on weekends to one of the cities of the Black Sea coast. The distances there are completely different, and behind back there was not a huge backpack. It’s scary, of course, for the first time, but not so much not to try.

The first place in this trek was Chelyabinsk, in which I had long been waiting to see for friends from Orlyonka, whom I really wanted to visit. I caught the car quickly. The driver was surprised by my big backpack and asked questions for a long time. He ask me why I doing in the road with so big backpack. In total, I changed cars 5 to the city where my friends met me.

The next place was Yekaterinburg. There where that my best friend Lesha Mashkovtsev served in one of the military parts of the city. Drivers do not like to stop from Chelyabinsk to Yekaterinburg, because they consider this way a very criminal place

But the most interesting thing was waiting for me near the city of Ekb. After I got out of the car near the city, I started looking for a phone in my pockets, because it was there that I had the address of the part and the phone of Lyosha. The car, meanwhile, disappeared behind the turn, and I realI realized that the phone was left in the car. In Ekb, then I had nowhere to go, and even a phone call to find a place is problematic! I asked passers-by to call, but the handset was already out of range, which means than I lost may phone. It remains only to look for a military unit. The local people told me the addresses of two parts, I randomly chose one of them and went there.

What was my surprise when on one of the checkpoints, exactly on where I accidentally hit, my friend was waiting for me! In addition, he had a spare phone, which he shared with me. Truly great coincidence!

Then the way was to Ufa, where I met my children from the camp. It was very cool, but I had nowhere to sleep in the city, and I continued trip. Absolutely stupid idea, and in km to 20 from the city I’m stuck. I try spop a car before 3 am.

Then I was picked up by the Trucker. He traveled on energy drink 4 days and did not sleep! Needless to say, what glitches he saw! I had a great desire to go out and certainly without the desire to fall asleep in this car. We talked all night long so that the driver does not fall asleep. At 5 am, somewhere near Kazan saw a terrible picture. 10 m bloody track on the road and half the carcass on the roadside, or cows, or horses. Apparently at night the truck knocked down this careless animal. After this we did not want to sleep at all!

Safely reaching the city, I again meet with friends. And only the next day I went further. I was waiting for Yoshka-Ola. Here my relatives lived, who also gave me a tour of the embankment. The places are beautiful! But I must had to hurry home

The road to Kirov, though not overcome quickly, it’s not a freeway, but very soulful, because soon I’ll be at home, with a full load of impressions and stories and a deserted backpack! The road is dead, with pits and holes in asphalt, all this is very familiar! Home I drove without incident to me there already waited It journey could have been considered complete!

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