2013 May. Russia. Trekking in the Southern Urals. First impressions

Beautiful sunny weather rejoiced since the early morning. The light May sunny weather was all day. Go under the scorching sun in the heat, this is another test. On the road, we were waiting for a bad surprise. A group of policemen warned us that somewhere here have runaway criminals. So it was even more fun for us to go after. We moved away from the road and along a small village went along the dirt road to the depths of the forest.

There was a lot of snow. At the same time, the feeling of spring was everywhere: blossoms blossomed, buds were everywhere, patches and brooks appeared in places. A few hours later we left the road and were already moving along the azimuth. The path was not here, who walked ahead creeate the trail.

The snow is very damp and clammy, but the shoes did not get wet. Before us began to open the first high-altitude views. These are stunning scenery!

We wanted to remember every moment, beauty and splendor of these beautiful places. We did not miss a chance to be photographed to share what we saw with our friends and family.

We went for a long time, sometimes stopping for a ten-minute and half-hour rest. It was not at all difficult for us to go, even if we take into account the 30 kg weight behind us. There were no difficult areas that made us think how we would overcome them. But time was longing for the evening and it was necessary to prepare for the night.

Here everything is according to the script, someone collects firewood, someone is on duty by the fire and prepares dinner, the rest are put up by tents and others. After a hearty dinner, no one diverge, because we have a guitar and a supply of songs that we want to sing and hear.

Until the deepest night, when all the sky is strewn with thousands of stars, our little gathering near to the warm fire continue. But nevertheless it is necessary to disperse, in fact already in the morning we are waited with a new way on which it is necessary to save forces, to have a good sleep.

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