2013 May. Russia. Trekking in the Southern Urals. Day off in the hike

Bath in the trek is a necessary thing. This is a good opportunity to warm up, wash and have a good rest after a long journey. But how to make it in field conditions? It’s not at all difficult! To do this, you can single out one or two days by the river or another body of water. It is necessary to choose a place where there are suitable large river stones. They lay out the stove around the fire and for several hours warming up from it.

While stones are warming up, a frame of the bathhouse is being built around the sticks. After the stones have warmed, the fire is stewed, so that the film, which is put on the frame of the bath, is not burnt. Let’s, go!

You add the temperature, pouring a little water on the heated stones, and enjoying the sauna right on the trip! And then you run out and dive into the icy mountain water. Even those feelings, it’s worth it! And in the evening, according to tradition, songs with a guitar and an exchange of stories about past travel and plans for the future.

The campaign is coming to an end, and my journey continues. The guys go home on the same minivan, and I go hitch-hiking to visit my friends.

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