2013 May. Russia. Trekking in the Southern Urals. Climb to Irimel

So we walked a few days, along the mountain ranges, fast rivers and lakes, long since opened from under the ice. It is time to get out into civilization and replenish the reserves of our nishtyaks. Civilization was a small hamlet, far from the big roads. People lived here who were tired of the city’s bustle and appreciated the beautiful Russian nature. There were huge pastures and pens for horses, and on the horizon, behind a strip of green forest, stood with a harsh view of the summit of the Ural Mountains. Time we picked up a successful – May 9, in the village big holiday!

Local residents gathered in a small local square, to a concert that they organized themselves. After the shop, with empty pockets and heavier backpacks, we moved on, we were waiting for the top of Iremel.

Meanwhile, the snow around us was getting smaller, but on the other hand it was getting more dampy. In places we walked along hummocks past deep puddles. Here already at the majority the footwear does not maintain pressure of a moisture and legs or foots have blotted through. And here and there you had to walk knee-deep in cold water, risking failure and deeper. It was not scary at all, you just need will come to fire , and life was getting better again.

Iremel is in the national park, so the places here are ennobled. Created trails, here and there are made railing, hanging signs and a marked trail. For all this local forest rangers collect tribute from tourists who decided to enjoy the beauty of nature. People are very enterprising and like to make something.

It is worth noting that on the way we finded a few trees, completely hung with ribbons of cloth. There is a good tradition to tie a ribbon and make a wish, for example, to come back here one more time. Looks very nice, in places instead of ribbons hung loose, for example, one glove, cap or mittens.

Closer to the top of the maontain, representing a smooth figure, like a semicircle of stones, and a picturesque valley around the summit. Half an hour of climbing the kurumnik – more rocks and you’re on top. A sharp wind almost knocked you down, leaves on the stones and plants bizarre patterns of horizontal icicles. Tourists here leave a lot of tourikmark, these are flat stones stacked one on another. I do not think that this has any hidden meaning, but it looks very funny.


At the top for a long time you will not stay. It’s too cold in the wind. So we photographed a lot, we started to go down, and in terms of hike, there was one more very interesting point – tour-bathhouse.

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