2013 May. Russia. Trekking in the Southern Urals. Departure

Palych gives a concert

This is my first more or less serious trip. Prior to this, the maximum I was on a campground under the city and a weekend trip to nature. I have long wanted to go on a good trip, but did not know how where and with whom. After a bit of searching, I remembered about the club “Mayachok”. It turned out that they are just preparing to go to the Southern Urals. I could not help but take this opportunity!

I was confident in my abilities, which means, first of all, I had to find equipment. I had almost nothing, because, before, I either took it from friends, or did not take somethings. This time it was so easy not to get rid of it. The first I bought a backpack for 95 liters, it was just an action and I managed to buy on the cheap. I also bought army boots, as a kind of tourist shoes for the mountains. There were no money for normal trekking shoes, and there was no experience to choose good shoes. A trifle like KLMN, a flashlight, etc.I gathered quickly, it was necessary only to rummage through the apartment. And the clothes are mostly urban, which is not a pity, the campaign is not so severe that it will come down.

View of the railway station in Perm

Well, it’s time to go! Early in the morning of May, I collected all me things. I had been preparing for a few days and took some food, I stepped to the train. Then I still did not risk using the hitchhiking to get to the place, but some of the group still went free by hitch-hiking. At the station we spread things and waited for the train.

Time on the train is a great opportunity to have a good rest, get to know the team, sing various songs to the guitar and just dream about the upcoming trip. So we did, sometimes played cards and recalled past campaigns. Personally, I had nothing to remember especially, so that I listened more.

Having reached Perm, we moved to the auto transport and it was planned to drop it already on it. On the one hand inside the minibus it was a little cramped and not convenient, on the other you could fall apart on your backpacks and sleep all the way without knowing the troubles.

In the place arrived by the evening, there were already waiting for the girls, who were traveling by hitchhiking. They found a good place for the camp and we builded the tents, fell asleep, in the morning we started for the route.

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