2010 Russia trekking Guam Gorge

In 2010, when I was working at the RCC “Orlyonok” on a big change, we went camping the whole “Komsomolsky” team in the Guam gorge.

The gorge is located in the Krasnodar Region, somewhere in its central part. The place is quite tourist, but if you step aside slightly, then there are quiet, uninhabited places, especially for recreation by a large company.

The camp program included setting up a camp, a rope course, a bunch of different games, the most stellar night for my life and, of course, the gorge itself. The gorge is very picturesque. A river flows along the bottom of the gorge, and along it a mini railway is built on a small hill. On the road you can ride in a small trailer. It’s funny! The gorge itself is quite long and you can walk for several hours. You can go down to the river, you can climb on rocks or just make a leisurely quiet walk along the trail or on a small trailer.

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