2010 Russia How it began. Trekking in the mountain of Induk

I think it's worth starting to write from the beginning - from the beginning of my travels and campaigns. However, it's not so simple. It turns out almost a philosophical question, what to take as a starting point. One could start from the moment of birth or even earlier, because a lot of events happened that, one way or another, pushed me to travels. Nevertheless, we will begin from the most important point.

In 2009, I left my hometown - Kirov and went to the Black Sea coast to the RCC "Orlyonok", and immediately for 5 months. I had about 10 seconds to decide to leave my native places and I did It, because I had not left Kirov for almost 20 years from my birthday. It was in the "Orlyonok" place when I went on my first many days trip.

In those days, I had had no idea what that in general such hikes, tourism and travel. I did not know what to take with me, how to organize life, prepare food at the stake for a lot of people - almost did not know anything. This only increased the desire to go new Journeys.

This adventure has became the trek to the top of the mountain "Ind'uk", which is in the Krasnodar Territory. It lies a few dozen kilometers from Tuapse and we reached it on camp buses, although I had a little experience of hitchhiking by that time.

Then I worked as a mentor and went on a camping trip with a whole company of people. Since, educators usually have little experience in camping with us was a tour. Instructor and not even one. By the way, they took delivery of tents to the place of spending the night, so that our backpacks were lighter.

We disembarked from the bus at the foot of the mountain, сounted, built up and went to the mountain. Climbing is not difficult, all that is required of you is to move your feet along a slightly rainy dirt road with a small set of heights. Children are more difficult, most of them also went on their first campaign in their lives, and their strength is much less.

The first and most important recommendation from the instructor is to drink as little as possible on the water on the rise. The body as a madman needs water, which on the rise will only worsen the state of health, while thirst will remain. I myself was easily coped with this, but the children could not restrain themselves. Well, we were not in a hurry anywhere. With the first hike and forever It is remembered that the way is more difficult to the top, to the finish and this is not only about hiking and traveling. But on the finish is waiting for catharsis, a reward for all the pain and complexity. In traveling, these are usually beautiful views and an understanding of the achievement achieved.

When we ascended to the place of spending the night, a new stage of the campaign began. I listened carefully to the instructors, how to organize life at halt. How to distribute duties, who will go for firewood, who will be engaged in fire and dinner, and who will pitch the tents. Later I became convinced that the childs could also able to cope with the distributionif this childs was at least once or twice in hiking and traveling.

After lunch and rest, we took up the ascent to the very top of the mountain of the Induk. The first significant height for me is 859 m above sea level! I think most travelers, and any people, have such a thing, how to mark their accomplishments somewhere on somewhere in the mind. Where, then, among these achievements is the maximum conquered height, whether it is the top of the mountain or the maximum floor of a building in the urban jungle. Ascent to the top of the turkey does not require any special skills and equipment. It takes only a little dexterity, neatness and a desire to go upstairs.

The path on the top 'Induk" lies along a narrow path along the ridge. In the rain it would be very problematic for a newcomer to pass, but on a sunny day this is a pretty scenic route, like a walk in the park. On the way there is a rock Cheese head. So her is called, because all its appearance resembles a cheese head, especially the spherical depressions in the rock. They formed from water and wind. On the Cheese are about a dozen routes for fans of rock climbing. You can come here with equipment and please yourself with rock climbing. Some routes at the bottom can be climbed without insurance.

Almost immediately behind the rock lies a sharp rise up to the very top of the Induk. Here it becomes scary for the children. In such places it is always more terrible for others than for oneself. Turns on the mode of extra accuracy and all movements become very slow and attentive. Helping the childs, we gradually got out and on the top, where we opened for self a magnificent view of the surrounding mountain valley. In my head there was a thought - that we did it!

The first vertex is remembered for life, as well as the first trip. I think that from now on you can make a reference point in my travels, because after returning from this trip, I began to think how to go on more serious trips, for several days. Returning to Kirov, I joined the tourist club "Mayachok" and went with them to discover for self the Ural Mountains.

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